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Vet-to-Vet Consulting

What can I do to enhance the livestock services your practice offers?

Taking Notes in Class

Client Education Materials

What do you want your clients to know? Whether it's articles, handouts, demo videos, or more - we can create those materials custom for you and your client base. Information is cross analyzed against the most current and most reputable industry sources.

Doctor with Files

Case Support

Need to know how to humanely euthanize a pet chicken? Inherit a sheep from the neighbor? Explored all differentials for a goat but still stuck? Let me be your fresh set of eyes.

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Practice or Farm Support

What's the short list of need-to-have injectables and equipment for a practitioner who wants to start accepting livestock clients? What are the best reference materials to buy? Thinking of starting your own hobby farm and need some starter advice?

Educational Webinars for Veterinarians

* not RACE approved, but FREE!*

Backyard Poultry Basics: Drs Masur, Perelman and Walters 6/23

Backyard Poultry Basics: Drs Masur, Perelman and Walters 6/23

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Time Bookmarks:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:45 Dr. Rebecca Gounaris (Perelman), DVM at Pleasantville Animal Hospital in Fallston, MD discusses poultry medicine as a general practitioner operating in a small animal hospital setting. She covers physical exam skills, clinical skills, and common presentations of common diseases.
00:54:45 Dr. Erin Masur, DVM of Sheep Rock Veterinary Consulting & Livestock Services in Bantam, CT discusses poultry medicine as an
 ambulatory farm veterinarian. She covers basic flock husbandry, common diseases, as well as medications and equipment needed to start seeing poultry.
01:51:40 Dr. Walters, DVM, PhD, DACPV is the Program Manager of the Office of Laboratory Services and prior Poultry Diagnostician with the Virginia Dept of Ag. She covers regulations related to medications and disease surveillance, biosecurity, working with laboratories an
d making diagnostic choices, reproduction as it relates to egg consumption safety, and more. 
2:59:21 Open Q & A with all three doctors.

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